QUENEAU, Raymond

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[JARRY] QUENEAU, Raymond (1903-1976)

Autograph letter signed « Queneau » [to Michel Arrivé]
N.p, 9th August 1964, 1 p. in 8vo, NRF letterhead

“There is a chance […] so that a carefully drawn up plan by you leads to the realization of a Jarry volume in this honored collection”

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[JARRY] QUENEAU, Raymond (1903-1976)

Autograph letter signed “Queneau” [to Michel Arrivé]
S.l, 21 February 1968, 1/2 page in-8, NRF letterhead

“Michel Leiris will talk to Picasso about the issue that concerns you”


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BEAUVOIR (de), Simone (1908-1986)

Autograph letter signed « S. de Beauvoir » to her typewriter Madame Mandinaud
Gary, Indiana, 21 September 1951. One page 1-4

Simone de Beauvoir sends an article about Sade for Les Temps Modernes magazine

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QUENEAU, Raymond (1903-1976)

Autograph letter signed “Queneau” to Hugues Fouras
S.L, 5 February 1959, 1 page in-8 with Nrf letterhead

“Time has passed”

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