POUGY (de), Liane

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[POUGY] GHIKA, George (1884-1945)

Autograph letter signed « Georges Ghika » to Liane de Pougy, princess Ghika
N.p, 2nd July 1923, 1. in-4°

« I boast of a privilege »

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[POUGY] Harry Baur (1880-1943)

Set of letters addressed to Liane de Pougy
Paris / Brussels, various formats, 1931-1939, 7 pages and 1 telegram

“It is beyond my control not to feel all that is hopeless in the end of my life”

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[POUGY] Tonia Navar (1886-1959)

Set of 7 letters addressed to Liane de Pougy
Various formats [circa 1930’s], 16 pages

“There will be a whole swarm of lovely women around you”

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