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[CHAR] ARAGON, Louis (1897-1982)

Autograph letter signed « Aragon » (draft), to René Char
[Paris, 10th August 1946], 1 p. 1/2 in-4°

« I do not accept to be lectured, I admit even less that it is claimed to be given to Esla. And the Olympian tone of your letter proves to me that if there are some who get lost, it is only in the image of kicking the ass »

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TRIOLET, Elsa (1896-1970)

Autograph letter signed « Elsa » to Georgik [Georges Sadoul]
Moscow, 2nd July [1932], 3 p. grand in-4°, à l’encre bleue

« I have not read the manifesto of the surrealists. No interest in these operatic howls that they scream in their corner »

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