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We offer a selection of letters and manuscripts from men and women who, through their writings, acts or discoveries, have influenced the course of history.

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[DREYFUS] ZOLA, Emile (1840-1902)

Unpublished autograph manuscript, « Pour la Lumière », signed « Emile Zola »
[Grosvenor Hotel, London, 19 July 1898], 5 pages in-4 on ligned paper

“Of all my open letter to the president [« J’accuse…! »], a few lines had been skilfully extracted […] to prevent the truth shine on the Dreyfus affair”

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ARTOIS, Comte de Chambord, Henri d’ (1820-1883)

Two autograph letters signed “Henri” to Alexandre de Monti de Rezé
Frohsdorf, 1873, 3 p. in-8, with envelope

“Saving our unfortunate country, when the time is right”

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BABEUF, Gracchus (1760-1797)

Autograph letter signed “Babeuf” to his son, Robert Emile Babeuf
Pluviôse [probably handwritten between January 20th and February 8th 1797]

“It is by practising to suffer that one is able to receive with force all the pains of life”

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BEAUHARNAIS, Émilie de (1781-1855)

Autograph letter signed “Beauh. De Lavalette” to her cousin Eugène de Beauharnais
S.l, [11] mai [1807], 5 p. in-12

“We were so sad and discouraged by the loss my poor cousin just had that it was impossible for me to have two ideas of my own since the fatal moment”

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BEAUMARCHAIS (de), Pierre-Augustin Caron (1732-1799)

Autograph letter signed « Beaumarchais » to comedian Préville
Paris, 31st March 1784, 2 pp. in-8°

« My play isn’t a big thing ; but seeing it in the theater is the result of four years of fighting »

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BERGSON, Henri (1859-1941)

Autograph aphorism signed « H. Bergson »
N.p.n.d, 1/4 p. in-8°

« As soon as we love the best in life, we become indifferent to death »

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BILLAUD-VARENNE, Jacques-Nicolas (1756-1819)

Autograph letter signed « Billaud-Varenne » to his colleagues
Sainte-Ménehould, 16th September 1792, 3 p. 1/2 in-4°

« Keep that calm and energy that got you victory in front of the Bastille and the Château des Tuileries »

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BLACAS, Duc de (1771-1839)

Autograph letter signed “B
Prague, 14th March 1835, 4 pages in-8

“What a fateful event that the death of this excellent Emperor”

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BONAPARTE, Caroline (1782-1839)

Autograph letter signed “Caroline” to a Prince
[Naples, 15th May 1813], 2 p. grand in-8

“It is cruel to see the disappearance of the people who for 15 years have been attached to the Emperor and have shared all his memories.”

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CHARLES X (1757-1836)

Autograph letter signed “Charles Philippe” to Charles de Barentin
Edinburgh, 4th March 1803, 1 p. in-4, address on verso, remains of black wax seal

“I promise myself our usual dispositions to employ you for all that is of interest to the service of the King my brother and mine”

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CHATEAUBRIAND (de), François-René (1768-1848)

Autograph letter signed « Le Vte de Chateaubriand » to a gentleman
Paris, 29th 7bre [September] 1815, 4 pp. in-8°

« I demanded freedom of thought, which brought Buonaparte’s fury and his new threats to have me shot »

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CLEMENCEAU, Georges (1841-1929)

Autograph name card signed “GL” to Michel Alexandre Gaston Tournier
N.d.n.p, 1 p. in-24

“For your good memory”

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CLEMENCEAU, Georges (1841-1929)

Autograph novel for his collection of articles Aux Embuscades de la vie
N.p [1903], 10 pp. in-4

“This happiness did not seem to be done for the miserable Jew who until now had been striving in vain to conquer gold”

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CLEMENT, Jean-Baptiste (1836-1903)

Autograph manuscript signed « JB Clément »
N.p, dated 23rd April 1869,  4 p. in-8°

« J’en couperai pour cette belle France / Dont j’ai chanté la gloire et les revers »

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CONSIDÉRANT, Victor (1808-1893)

Autograph letter signed “V Considérant” tp Mr Berger
Paris [Probably 1848], 2 pages in-8

Rare letter of the philosopher

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HUGO, Victor (1802-1885)

Autograph letter signed “Victor H” à Joséphine Trébuchet
Brussels, 19th December [1851], 1 page in-8 on double sheet

“I fought for the right, for the truth, for the righteous, for the people, for France”

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LAMENNAIS, Félicité de (1782-1854)

Lettre autographe signée “F. de Lamennais” à M. Lasneau
Paris, 20 juin 1825, 1 page in-8

“Two copies of my Imitation”

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LOUIS XVI (1754-1793)

Autograph letter signed “Louis” to a Monsieur
N.d.n.p (1781 before May), 1 page small in-8 on double sheet

“I could give the last orders on Sunday to Mr. Amelot and Mr. Necker, for I wish that the thing would not drag on for too long”

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MAURRAS, Charles (1868-1952)

Autograph letter signed « Charles Maurras » to Louis-Xavier de Ricard
S.l, 31st December [1892], 15 p. in-8°, bespoke binding by Michel Kieffer

« I confess that I am anti-Jewish without being anti-Semitic. The Jews, in my opinion, form a state within a state: it is the only one that remains today in our unitary and centralized France, and from this comes its danger »

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MERMOZ, Jean (1901-1936)

Autograph letter to his grandparents
Mazamet 31st March [1935], 1 p. ¾ in-4

« I would not have wanted him to precede me in such a disastrous way. That he followed me there later, much later, it would have been in order… »

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MONTIJO (de), Impératrice Eugénie (1826-1920)

Autograph letter signed « Eugénie » to Marie-Thérèse Bartholoni
Farnborough Hill, 17th November 1892, 3 p. in-8° on mourning paper

« Never before have we kissed and armed so much in Europe. As long as it is a guarantee of peace ! »

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MONTIJO (de), Impératrice Eugénie (1826-1920)

Autograph letter signed « Eugénie », to Marie-Thérèse Bartholoni
Camden Place, Chislehurst, 16th March 1880, 4 p. in-8°, mourning paper

« I hope, upon my return, either to be stronger or no longer need to rely on my strengths »

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MONTIJO (de), Impératrice Eugénie (1826-1920)

Autograph letter signed « Eugénie » to Marie-Thérèse Bartholoni
Prince’s gate SW [London], 26 November [1881], 5 p. in-8 on mourning paper

« The widow of Napoleon III remains and will remain close to those who died in exile »

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MONTIJO, Impératrice Eugénie de (1826-1920)

Autograph letter signed « Eugénie » to French Republic president Patrice de Mac-Mahon
Chislehurst, Camden Place [June 1873], 4 p. in-8

“I am not asking you anything for the future but to respect a past that was the cradle of your glory”

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NECKER, Jacques (1732-1804)

Letter signed “Necker” to Mrs les Commissaires du Roi au Dept. du Nord
Paris, 27th July 1790, 1 p. in-folio on laid paper

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PASTEUR, Louis (1822-1895)

Autograph letter signed « L. Pasteur » to Professor Charles Bouchard
Paris, 19 July 1888, 3 pages in-8 on double sheet

“We have tested his immunity by inoculation on the brain’s surface”

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PASTEUR, Louis (1822-1895)

Autograph letter signed twice, « Louis Pasteur » and « LP », to Comtesse Greffulhe
Paris, 20th February 1892, 2 pages squared in-8 on double sheet, Institut Pasteur letterhead.

“Think of the unnameable number of dogs which there would be to vaccinate in Paris !”


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PRINCE IMPÉRIAL, Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte (1856-1879)

Autograph letter signed « N » to Jeanne de Pierres
Florence, 23 February 1876[77], 1 p. in-8 on double sheet, autograph envelope attached

“I beg you to remember that there is a man who has sincerely loved you and who would be proud to pay with his blood the price of your honor”

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RICŒUR, Paul (1913-2005)

Three autograph letters signed to Peter Kemp and one autograph manuscript signed
[Paris], between 1970 and 1986, 9 p. in-8° et in-4°, one envelope

« Our son Olivier committed suicide a few days before Easter »

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