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“And we are everywhere where the sky of others rises. Wherever the refusal to live is useless”

"I have just received the new telegraph of the victory won by the Emperor, and I am very proud to have guessed it because I was sure that it would happen like this"

Jean Cocteau: “Art escapes progress

Antonin Artaud: “High-dose heroin does not cause addiction when it is of good quality

"France does not deserve its writers"

Cosmic reality and color, Dubuffet & Bellmer…

"Here I am, journalist and determined to make extensive use of freedom of the press"

"Of all my open letter to the president, a few lines had been skilfully extracted to prevent the truth shine on the Dreyfus Affair"

"I believe Dumouriez to be a monster"

"I am nothing and want to be nothing. Duty done, I'm going back to the darkness"

"I fought for the right, for the truth, for the righteous, for the people, for France"