CÉLINE, Louis Ferdinand (1894-1961)

Autograph notes on press clipping
[Copenhagen, 28th October 1945], 1 p. large in-4°

« It’s like the good old days of the Gestapo! »

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CÉLINE, Louis Ferdinand (1894-1961)

Autograph notes on press clipping to the attention of Dr Gentil
[Copenhagen, 28th October 1945], 1 p. large in-4°
Press clipping cut out by Céline in the upper margin.
Some small tears, small restorations in the frayed lower margin, small central hole without damage to the text (see scan)

Céline’s autograph notes on a newspaper clipping from a Danish newspaper

[Céline notes the translation of the title in the lower margin:]
« Les libérateurs Danois à Stockholm
-Que l’on se dirait aux bons vieux jours de la Gestapo ! »

[Then he adds, in two places:]
« Danish pig! »
« Assassin! »

This clipping was originally attached to a letter addressed to Dr. Gentil. On October 28, 1945, Céline wrote to him about the atmosphere in Denmark: “There is no more censorship here – you can see this by the clipping I am sending you about a visit of the Danish maquisards to Stockholm that appeared in ‘Politiken’, the largest Danish newspaper […]”

Alexandre Gentil, a military doctor, is one of the figures close to Céline and Lucette’s entourage. They met in Val-de-Grâce in 1914, then in Mont-Valérien. Strongly marked by the butchery of 14-18, like Céline, he came back disgusted and very critical. In 1933, Céline recommended him to her friend Charles Bonabel, a surgeon in Beaujon. During the Occupation, Gentil was a member of the European Circle, as was Céline for a short time. It hosts collaborators, some of whom were sent by Céline. Gentil was one of Céline’s first correspondents when he was in prison. In 1945, he recommended his secretary, Marie Canavaggia. Gentil is the director and owner of the Clinique et Maison de Santé in Nogent-sur-Marne, which specialises in the treatment of thyroids. They have many mutual friends: Gen Paul, Le Vigan, Jo Varenne… and their colleagues, Dr. Clément Camus and Dr. Auguste Bécard.

Artcurial, Livres et manuscrits, 10 mai 2011, n°194