DALÍ, Salvador (1904-1989)

Period film print
[Portlligat, c. 1977] 27,3 x 19 cm

Spectacular signature of the artist on a print representing one of his most emblematic works

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DALÍ, Salvador (1904-1989)

Period film print enriched with an autograph inscription
[Portlligat, c. 1977] 27,3 x 19 cm
On the verso: red stamp “Exclusive / Radial Press” with an additional note by an unknown hand: « Una modelo de Dalí »
Light ink smudge on the verso slightly visible on the surface of the print (see second photo)

Print of one of Dalí’s models in the garden of his house in Portlligat and enriched with his spectacular signature

On this print featuring one of his most emblematic works, Dalí enriched it, in addition to his signature, with a shooting star in the upper margin and then added “Mes hommages” in the lower margin.
Is the young lady in profile on this print Christiana, the daughter of the Albaretto couple? Without certainty, the resemblance remains striking. Dr. Guiseppe Albaretto was one of the artist’s closest friends, having built up over the years the most important private collection of Dalí’s works.

One of the most important Dalí’s symbols:
A Christian symbol of the resurrection of Christ and an emblem of purity and perfection, the egg is one of the most significant symbols in the artist’s work. Beyond its appearance and minerality, so dear to Dalí, it represents the previous life, intrauterine and rebirth.
Another “Egg”, this one unbroken, is placed on the turret of the artist’s house in Portlligat.