GAINSBOURG, Serge (1928-1991)

Autograph notes
N.p.n.d [c. 1985-86], 1 p. in-4°

« Navy Blue Leather Glove… »

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GAINSBOURG, Serge (1928-1991)

Autograph notes
N.p.n.d [c. 1985-86], 1 p. in-4°
Ink stain on upper margin (see scan)

Preparatory notes by Gainsbourg for his film Charlotte for Ever, which caused national scandal when released in theaters

« prénoms pour
long métrage
*herman [played by Roland Dubillard] producteur Koldhero
moi possible *stan [played by Serge Gainsbourg]
charlotte — lucienne ou lulue lucie *alice

second rôle léon [interprété par Roland Bertin]
gant de cuir bleu marine [Gainsbourg wears a navy blue glove on his right hand in the film]
s’en référer à la photo intérieure de mon disque live long trente trois [Gainsbourg Live – 1985 at the Casino de Paris, Gainsbourg is wearing a blue leather glove in the fold-out photo inside the disc-sleeve] »

Written and directed by Serge Gainsbourg, Charlotte for Ever was released in theaters on December 10, 1986. The scandal is resounding for the parallel between the film’s screenplay, dealing with the relationship between an alcoholic father and a fifteen-year-old girl in an incestuous atmosphere, and the relationship between Serge Gainsbourg and his daughter Charlotte.
Having been the object of attacks and insults while his film was pilloried by a large part of the press, Gainsbourg defended himself in a television interview a few days after the film’s release: “If my film is rejected analytically, O.K. But when puritans, piss-copycats who piss venereal diseases… »

A precious unpublished testimony of one of the most scandalous works of the poet-musician