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[AFFAIRE DREYFUS] DREYFUS, Alfred (1859-1935)

Autograph letter signed « ADreyfus » [to général Percin]
[Paris], 21st July 1906, 1 p. in-8°

« If I have known many villains, many cowardices, I have at least had the consolation of meeting some brave men »

EUR 3.900,-
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[AFFAIRE DREYFUS] ZOLA, Émile (1840-1902)

Autograph card-letter signed « Z » [to Eugène Fasquelle]
[Queen’s Hotel, Upper Norwood], 1st February [18]99, 2 pp. petit in-12°

« The horrible waste we are going through… »

EUR 2.900,-
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[DREYFUS AFFAIR] ZOLA, Emile (1840-1902)

Unpublished autograph manuscript, signed « Emile Zola »
[Grosvenor Hotel, London, 19 July 1898], 5 pages in-4 on ligned paper

“Of all my open letter to the president, a few lines had been skilfully extracted… to prevent the truth to shine on the Dreyfus affair”

EUR 40.000,-
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[DREYFUS AFFAIR] ZOLA, Émile (1840-1902)

Autograph letter signed « Émile Zola » [to his publisher Eugène Fasquelle]
Paris, 5th February 1901, 1 p. n-8° on laid paper

« I am sending you the Vérité en marche… »

EUR 1.900,-
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CLEMENCEAU, Georges (1841-1929)

Autograph letter signed “GClemenceau” to Michel Alexandre Gaston Tournier
Paris, 20th December [18]99, 1 p. 1/4 in-8

“I desire nothing more, as you may suggest, to get back in the right fight”

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CLEMENCEAU, Georges (1841-1929)

Autograph letter signed “G.C” to his secretary Étienne Winter at the L’Aurore newspaper
Paris, February 12, 1898 (post office), 1 page in-8, pneumatic letter

“Have me for tonight the shorthand of the whole trial

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DREYFUS, Alfred (1859-1935)

Autograph letter signed “Dreyfus” to Alfred Bruneau
N.p, 20th Nov[ember] 1901, 1 page in-8

Let’s hope we end up finding what we’re looking for”

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PROUST, Marcel (1871-1922)

Original drawing, inscribed to Reynaldo Hahn : « R.H. (Bininuls) »
N.p.n.d [c. 1909 ?], 1 p. in-8° in black ink on laid paper

Precious drawing by the writer, dedicated to his « Bininuls »

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ZOLA, Emile (1840-1902)

Autograph letter signed “Z” to Georges Charpentier
London, Tuesday 28th February [18]99, 4 pages in-8

“My only hope lies in the force of truth”

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