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FOUCAULT, Michel (1926-1984)

Autograph letter signed “M Foucault” to Claude Bonnefoy
N.p, 14th December [1965], 1 page 1/4 in-4

“It was a challenge – it seems to me – to talk about Genet after Sartre”

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GENET, Jean (1910-1986)

Fragment of an autograph poem
N.p.n.d [Paris, prison de la Santé – 1943], 1/4 p. in4°

« My quail bundled up, crushed under my fingers »

EUR 2.000,-
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GENET, Jean (1910-1986)

Autograph and first draft manuscript signed in the text « J.G »
N.p.n.d [Tangier, 1970], 1 p. in-12 on the back of an envelope

« Without arms, without legs, without belly, without heart, without sex, without head, in short, a complete enemy carrying on him already all the marks of my bestiality »

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GENET, Jean (1910-1986)

Autograph manuscript (first draft)
N.p.n.d [1971], 4 p. 1/2 in-4°

« The target remained the same: a Negro who thinks… whose book is the announcement and preparation of a black revolution »

EUR 4.500,-
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