RENOIR, Pierre-Auguste

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[MANET] DAUDET, Léon (1867-1942)

Autograph manuscript signed « Léon Daudet »
N.p.n.d [Paris, June 1932], 4 pp. large in-4°

« Manet is the beauty of colour, the celebration of the decomposition of light through the prism »

EUR 950,-
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CAILLEBOTTE, Gustave (1848-1894)

Autograph letter signed « G Caillebotte » to Claude Monet 
N.p.n.d, Friday [Petit-Gennevilliers, after 1887 ?], 3 pp. in-8°

« I have covered a lot of canvases and wasted a lot of colour »

EUR 4.000,-
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CASSATT, Mary (1844-1926)

Autograph letter signed « Mary Cassatt » to Achille Segard
Villa Angeletto – Grasse, 14th April [1913], 6 p. in-8° on mourning paper

« And then I wanted to be such a great painter, Titian or Rembrandt, just that… »

EUR 18.000,-
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PISSARRO, Camille (1830-1903)

Autograph letter signed « C. Pissarro » to Noël Clément-Janin
Paris, 19th Feb[ruary] 1892, 1 p. 1/2 in-8°, with envelope

« Turner, Delacroix, Corot, Courbet, Daumier, Jongkind, Manet, Degas, Monet, Renoir, Cézanne, Guillaumin, Sisley, Seurat ! This is our march. »

EUR 9.000,-
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RENOIR, Pierre-Auguste (1841-1919)

Autograph letter signed “Renoir” to Paul Bérard
Naples, Saturday 26th [November 1881], 3 pages in-12

“I have tried it all, painting with gasoline, wax, siccative…”

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