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[BONAPARTE, Joseph 1768-1844]

Autograph letter signed “Ch. Berton” to Joseph Bonaparte
Paris, March 14, 1824, 1 page in-4

An ancient page of the Emperor’s son of the hapless General Berton, throws himself at the foot of Your Majesty

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[NAPOLEON] DAVOUT, Louis-Nicolas (1770-1823)

Autograph letter signed « L Davout » to his wife, Aimée Leclerc
Osterode [current Ostróda in Poland], 16 April [1807], 6 p. in-4°

« We do not know here whether the peaceful intentions of our emperor will prevail over the intrigues of our eternal enemies, but in any case we are more able than ever to make them triumph by our arms »

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BONAPARTE, Caroline (1782-1839)

Autograph letter signed “Caroline” to a Prince
[Naples, 15th May 1813], 2 p. grand in-8

“It is cruel to see the disappearance of the people who for 15 years have been attached to the Emperor and have shared all his memories.”

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CASANOVA DE SEINGALT, Giacomo (1725-1798)

Autograph letter signed « Casanova » to Eusebio della Lena
Duchcov Castle in Bohemia, 11th June 1796, 3 pp. in-4° in italian

“What surprises me and seems difficult to believe is that this Buonaparte is a 26-year-old and Corsican, like Salicetti. Two prostitutes would have conquered all of Italy”

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CHATEAUBRIAND (de), François-René (1768-1848)

Autograph letter signed « Le Vte de Chateaubriand » to Abel
Paris, 29th 7bre [September] 1815, 4 pp. in-8°

« I demanded freedom of thought, which brought Buonaparte’s fury and his new threats to have me shot »

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