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[BONAPARTE, Joseph 1768-1844]

Autograph letter signed “Ch. Berton” to Joseph Bonaparte
Paris, March 14, 1824, 1 page in-4

An ancient page of the Emperor’s son of the hapless General Berton, throws himself at the foot of Your Majesty

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BONAPARTE, Caroline (1782-1839)

Autograph letter signed “Caroline” to a Prince
[Naples, 15th May 1813], 2 p. grand in-8

“It is cruel to see the disappearance of the people who for 15 years have been attached to the Emperor and have shared all his memories.”

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CASANOVA DE SEINGALT, Giacomo (1725-1798)

Autograph letter signed « Casanova » to Eusebio della Lena
Duchcov Castle in Bohemia, 11th June 1796, 3 pp. in-4° in italian

“What surprises me and seems difficult to believe is that this Buonaparte is a 26-year-old and Corsican, like Salicetti. Two prostitutes would have conquered all of Italy”

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CHATEAUBRIAND (de), François-René (1768-1848)

Autograph letter signed « Le Vte de Chateaubriand » to a gentleman
Paris, 29th 7bre [September] 1815, 4 pp. in-8°

« I demanded freedom of thought, which brought Buonaparte’s fury and his new threats to have me shot »

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