SARTRE, Jean-Paul

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[SARTRE, Jean-Paul (1905-1980)]

Autograph letter signed « Christian Chapuis » to Jean-Paul Sartre
Maîche [Doubs], 21st June 1954, 4 p. in-8°

 « I read in “Intimacy”, a chapter of the “Wall” that a man lies for two hours with a woman. Is this possible? »

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BEAUVOIR (de), Simone (1908-1986)

Autograph manuscript (fragments) accompanied by an autograph letter signed for La Longue Marche – Essai sur la Chine
[Paris, 1956] 15 pages in-4°, with two autograph envelopes

« China is not a political entity; I guess with joy, that it has a sky, its colors, its trees, a flesh »

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DELEUZE, Gilles (1925-1995)

First draft autograph manuscript with corrections
N.d.n.p (c. 1985), 1 p. in-4 numbered “8”

“It is probably necessary to go back to Lukács, whose History and Class Consciousness already posed the question of a new subjectivity”

EUR 1.400,-
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FOUCAULT, Michel (1926-1984)

Autograph letter signed “M Foucault” to Claude Bonnefoy
N.p, 14th December [1965], 1 page 1/4 in-4

“It was a challenge – it seems to me – to talk about Genet after Sartre”

EUR 1.500,-
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SARTRE, Jean-Paul (1905-1980)

Autograph preparatory manuscript for Les Mots
N.p.n.d [c. 1953-1955], 1 p. in-4°

« I became someone, an Other »

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SARTRE, Jean-Paul (1905-1980)

Autograph letter signed “J.P Sartre”  to Georges Agiman
N.p, 17th October 1957, 1/2 page in-folio

“La putain respectueuse”

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SARTRE, Jean-Paul (1905-1980)

Autograph manuscript for Le Diable et le Bon Dieu
N.p.n.d [c. 1950], 2 p. in-4° in blue ink

« It’s a hard scream in there… »

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